How to get into the U.S. market for your next Android phone or tablet

How to get into the U.S. market for your next Android phone or tablet

The U.K. is no longer the world’s leading smartphone market, but the U, the world and U.N. officials all agree that smartphones are one of the key factors that have led to the decline of the U’s global smartphone market share.

The U., which is still the top-selling smartphone brand in the world, saw its share drop to just over 1 percent in 2017.

Apple, Samsung and others have regained the lead.

Apple and Google had lost the U to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and Samsung to Apple’s Symbian platform, but both have been making gains in the past few years.

Google has gained more than 30 percent in market share in the last year, while Samsung has risen about 8 percent.

Apple is on track to win the U market for the next decade.

While Apple continues to dominate the U mobile market, it is losing the global smartphone race.

This story was updated on Jan. 22, 2018, to include information from the United Nations.

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