How to win in Iowa: Iowa’s caucuses and the first 100 days

How to win in Iowa: Iowa’s caucuses and the first 100 days

Iowa’s primary is on the line.

But the state’s primary was just the beginning.

Here are the first ten days of this year’s Iowa caucuses, in chronological order.


Iowa caucuses: July 7, 2017 The Iowa caucuses are set for Monday, July 7.

The Republican presidential candidates are expected to be in attendance.

They’ll face off for the nomination, which will come down to the winner in a first-in-the-nation contest.

Iowa is a first in the South for both parties, and its a first for the Democratic Party.

Democrats hold a comfortable advantage in Iowa, with a lead in delegates over the Republicans.

The race to be the Democratic nominee has been tight.

The state has gone blue every year since 1976.

In 2008, Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in the state, though the race ended in a tie.

That year, the Democratic frontrunner, former Maryland Gov.

Martin O’Malley, was not considered viable.

But in 2016, the party’s most potent candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, picked up the endorsement of former Secretary of State John Kerry, who has struggled to gain traction in the party since taking office in 2009.

Clinton and Biden will likely make their first joint appearance at the caucuses.

Biden will be in Iowa for his second visit to the state after endorsing his former opponent in March.

Clinton will be at the state for her third visit.

The Democratic National Committee announced Biden will join its Iowa field to help promote unity, and it said she will hold an event in Des Moines on Tuesday.


Iowa’s first 100 day: July 21, 2017 Democratic Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) speaks to the Des Moines Register editorial board on June 29, 2017, in Des Iowa, Iowa.

Ernst has been a strong critic of President Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

She has also supported a pathway to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants who are in the country legally.

In an interview with the Deseret News, she also said she would like to see a more balanced approach to immigration.

“I’m a firm believer that if you have a system of legal status, a pathway of legal entry, then you’re not going to be putting an unfair burden on the people who are already here,” she said.

“We need to be working with our partners and with the rest of the country to find a way to have an orderly and predictable immigration system.”


Iowa caucus: July 27, 2017 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R) speaks during a campaign stop in Iowa on July 27.

Cruz, who is also running for president, will hold a rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Cruz has not held a formal campaign event in Iowa since May.

Trump will also hold a campaign rally on the same day.


Iowa primary: July 30, 2017 A supporter of Sen. Rand Paul (R), R-Ky., holds up a sign in Des Plaines, Illinois, on July 30.

Paul, who endorsed Cruz in March, has been battling Trump in Iowa and the South.

He and Trump will face off in a debate, which they will participate in live on Fox News Channel.


Iowa GOP caucuses: August 1, 2017 Iowa Republican Party Chairman Terry Giles (R).

(AP Photo/Richard Drew) The Iowa GOP’s caucus will take place at the Cedar Rapids Coliseum on August 1.

Trump is not expected to attend, but his supporters will be able to watch live on Facebook Live, with debate replays on YouTube.


Iowa Republican primary: August 7, 2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during the Iowa GOP primary at the Des Plaine Republican Club on August 7.

Iowa Republicans will vote in the GOP presidential primary on Tuesday, but their choice is unlikely to be decided until after the state GOP convention in Des.


Iowa debate: August 11, 2016 Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, speaks during her father’s second presidential debate with former Secretary Hillary Clinton on CNN.

Ivanka Trump said that her father would be a “strong leader” and said that she and her husband have been “proud” of their daughter’s “positive role” in the campaign.


Iowa race: August 14, 2016 President Donald J. Trump speaks on stage with Republican presidential nominees Mike Huckabee (R-) and Ted Cruz during a rally in Des and Iowa City, Iowa, on August 14.


Iowa state GOP: August 18, 2016 Iowa Republican State Committee Chairman Dave Loebsack speaks during an interview on July 23, 2017.

Loe, a former congressman, is one of the most vocal critics of Trump, who previously served as Trump’s national campaign chairman.

Loebsak said he would like Trump to stop insulting Iowa, and that he thinks Trump “does not belong in the White House.”

Loe said Trump has “failed

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