How to embed a news portal in your own app

How to embed a news portal in your own app

TechCrunch article Aegina News portal app maker Aegin has been launched in India, launching today, in a partnership with the company that provides mobile apps for news portal makers.

Aegini News portal is a news app for mobile devices and offers users access to a list of news articles curated by news portals.

The app has a unique design, it features a “virtual newsroom” that lets users interact with content curated by the portals, including a live feed and news section, according to the press release.

Users can share and comment on articles in the app and also browse other articles, according the release.

AEGina News will be launching in Bengaluru on March 10, according its website.

“Our goal is to create an innovative and beautiful platform for news, as we know that news is more important than ever,” said Rahul Bhardwaj, CEO of Aeginas.

“The collaboration with AEGIN is an ideal opportunity for us to take AEGINA News portal to the next level.”

AEGin, which has more than 15 million subscribers on Facebook and a growing portfolio of mobile apps, is an India-based app-maker, with operations in Bengal, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

The company’s other apps include news portal maker News & Media, a news website for news portals; and a news aggregator, which offers content aggregators, such as news portal Maker News, which hosts popular news stories.

AIG News portal maker AIG in India is launching AEGins news portal app in Bengalure, Bengaluru, India, on March 8.

AAGin is a Bengaluru-based startup with offices in Bengalura, New Delhi and Bengal.

Its website says the app has been developed with the assistance of the government, local companies and tech giants like AIG, Google and Microsoft.

“AEGIN has been working with AIG India for the past three years and is the first Indian app that is going to be developed by AEG,” said AEGinnan CEO N Raghavendra.

“This collaboration with us, will allow AEGI to build a portal that will be able to provide news consumers with news content that is relevant to their lives.”

AIGin is expected to launch the app in 2019.

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