Biometrics, digital rights and Aadhaar to be added to list of issues that the government is considering

The government has already said it will add biometric authentication to the list of the issues it is considering when it convenes a biometric task force to study the security implications of Aadhaar and the Digital India initiative.

According to a government circular, biometics will be included in the list as the Aadhaar-enabled digital identity system has the potential to “reinforce social, political, economic, and other fundamental freedoms and interests”.

In its circular, the government said: “The biometric information and data can be accessed through the mobile phone of a person.

This information is stored on the mobile device and used by the central government to conduct investigations and monitor activities of persons.”

The government has said that it wants to use biometric data to identify people in the country who are not identified.

It said that such biometric identification would allow the central and state governments to monitor the flow of people in and out of the country and also track people who may be hiding their identities.

The circular said that the biometric use of the Aadhaar system can also be used to track the movements of people who have been identified in the past.

“The use of biometric devices, which can be installed by mobile phones, can help to monitor and track the movement of individuals and also help to identify individuals involved in crimes and violations of law,” it said.

The government said that biometric devices could also be installed in CCTV cameras to track movements of criminals and the movements and identities of people involved in the illicit activities.

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