Bihar chief says police and army should keep watch on women over their clothing

Bihar chief says police and army should keep watch on women over their clothing

JATNA: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has expressed hope that the Bihar police and the army will keep watch over the modesty of women and their clothes, saying it is the duty of the police to maintain a strict discipline.

“I have already asked the Chief Minister of the state and the Police Commissioner of Bihar to make a call and to keep watch and take necessary action.

There is no need for a discussion on this issue,” Kumar said.

On Sunday, the state government issued an advisory to all women on the importance of maintaining modesty in public.

The advisory said it was not necessary for women to wear a veil or covering, but for them to keep themselves in a dignified manner and not to display the appearance of the other sex in public.

“We are asking the women to be mindful of their dress and dress sense and not be provocative.

It is the responsibility of the Police and the state governments to maintain the law and order in the state,” Kumar told reporters.

He said the police and district administration will be monitoring the situation of women on Sunday.

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