How to tell if you have malaria: 7 simple steps

How to tell if you have malaria: 7 simple steps

Posted July 27, 2018 07:24:54 If you’ve been bitten by the parasitic Malaria-carrying mosquito, chances are good you’ve had symptoms of malaria.

But are you likely to develop symptoms or worse?

You might be infected with malaria, but it’s possible you may be in the early stages of the disease.

Symptoms are generally mild or moderate, and symptoms don’t cause a fever or other signs of fever.

However, the early symptoms may be a sign that you’re at high risk for getting the disease, so it’s best to stay home if you think you might be in danger.

If you have symptoms, there are steps you can take to be certain you’re not getting malaria: Get tested.

While it’s generally thought that you won’t have malaria if you’ve not been tested for it, this is not always true.

It’s possible that you’ve infected someone else and have been tested without their knowledge.

Be aware of your surroundings.

If your mosquitoes are biting at your home, they could be biting at a friend, family member, or pet.

It may be tempting to move to a new place to avoid mosquitoes.

However if your mosquitoes can’t get near you, stay away.

If mosquitoes can, they can also be biting people in crowded areas.

Be vigilant of ticks.

People infected with mosquito-borne diseases are more likely to be infected by ticks, which carry the parasite.

People who get ticks should get tested to make sure they’re not infected with the malaria parasite.

Be wary of mosquitoes.

While mosquitoes have no direct direct pathogen to infect humans, they transmit the parasite to humans through direct contact.

People with malaria parasites are more prone to contracting other diseases, including Lyme disease, and have a higher risk of developing cancer.

Even people who don’t develop malaria symptoms, including those with a low fever and normal blood tests, are more at risk for malaria than others.

For more information about malaria, check out the links below:

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