Aussie scientists are worried about the effects of climate change on Australia’s coral reef

Aussie scientists are worried about the effects of climate change on Australia’s coral reef

Environment Australia’s executive director and chair of the Coral Reef Society, Paul Anderton, said the country was losing a critical resource.

“We have to understand that there’s a big risk to our ecosystem, the coral reef, and we have to do something about it,” he said.

Mr Anderland said the loss of coral reef ecosystems in Western Australia would have a profound impact on the nation’s future.

He said the reef had been the focus of much research in recent years and many scientists were concerned about what might happen if climate change continued.

“We are in a period of change, we are losing a huge resource to the reef and that will be the biggest risk to the coral reefs in Western Australians, and that is a real risk,” Mr Anderman said.

“What we have been doing over the last few years, through our coral reef program, is to look at what is happening to our reef and to look what is going on with coral reef productivity, the ability of coral to reproduce, and how that might be affected by climate change.”

Mr Aderman said Australia was losing one of the world’s largest marine ecosystems and was in a unique position to influence how it was managed.

Coral reefs are vital to the survival of the planet and the health of coral reefs depends on their health and ability to regenerate, he said.

“If we don’t start to manage our reef now, that is going to be a huge loss to our future, for the world, and for the environment.”

The reef is the heart of the Australian economy, and it is the backbone of our economy and our national security.

The loss of the coral system is one of those things that impacts our economy in a way that will affect our future.

“Dr Alan Tudge, a professor of oceanography at the University of Queensland, said research into climate change was crucial to understanding how the world was changing.

Dr Tudge said there were several reasons to be concerned about the future of the reef.

They include increased acidification of the oceans, overfishing and climate change.

But Dr Tudge also said Australia had a responsibility to protect the coral ecosystem.”

It is a really big issue and there are some really strong voices saying that Australia is going backwards,” he told the ABC.”

But the reef system is a very important part of our ecosystem.

We need to be really careful and careful about how we manage the coral.


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