Why Kharian’s latest ‘bizarre’ book, ‘Sorority Boys’ was a hit with women in the film industry

Why Kharian’s latest ‘bizarre’ book, ‘Sorority Boys’ was a hit with women in the film industry

Kharian, the founder of a popular online book store, has released his latest book, Sorority Boys.

In it, he talks about his struggles as a young woman in Hollywood, how his book sold well and how it influenced the film and television industry.

“When I started writing and publishing my first book, I was a virgin, and I never thought I would ever have a book.

And I was not alone in that,” he said.

“I think women are the only people who ever have it easy.”

‘I feel like I’m in a book club’ Kharian says his book has resonated with people in the industry, as well as with the people he’s met over the years.

“It’s kind of a bizarre book,” he says.

“For me, it’s just about being myself, and not trying to fit in.

It’s about being yourself.”

The book has sold well, selling more than 1,000 copies.

“Sororority boys are the most misunderstood group in Hollywood,” he wrote.

“They’re not even the most popular group in the world.

In fact, I feel like in the last decade, the majority of the people I have met, or the ones I’ve met in Hollywood and the world, they’ve all either come from a minority group or a minority demographic.

And they’re really not comfortable in their own skin.”

The author says he feels like he’s in a club.

“People have their opinions about the books, but I feel that the book is the one that’s really giving them an answer to, ‘Where am I?’ because I know that I’m not alone.”

Kharian also says he’s been surprised by how quickly the world has embraced his book.

“The book has become like a mainstream thing in Hollywood in the past year or two.

I think there’s been a lot of backlash from some of the writers that were writing about sorority boys,” he explained.

“And I think a lot have been like, ‘No, I’m an ally, I am the one who’s going to change the way that people think of us.'”

A film adaptation of Sorority Girls has been in the works since 2018, but Kharian hopes the book will be the catalyst to change things for the film.

“There’s a lot more potential in my book, and in the book, than in the movie,” he added.

“So I’m hoping that the movie will inspire a lot people to look at this book, to think about what’s going on and to make changes.

And then to go see that movie.”

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