Ethiopia News Portal: Egypt to receive Egyptian passports

Ethiopia News Portal: Egypt to receive Egyptian passports

Egypt to start accepting Egyptian passports soon.

The Egyptian government has announced that it will begin accepting Egyptian-issued passports and other documents from other countries soon.

Egypt will start accepting passports from other Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Algeria, Egypt’s Ministry of Interior said.

The ministry announced that the ministry will also begin accepting documents from Jordan, Tunisia, Tunisia and Tunisia, with Egypt joining the ranks of those countries that will be accepting Egyptian documents.

Egypt has been the world’s biggest exporter of passports and visas, and has become the main source of travel documents for the majority of Egyptian citizens.

The ministry said that it was “concerned” by the increasing number of Egyptian passports being rejected in the Middle East.

The country has a population of nearly 8 million and is home to nearly 10 million people.

The move follows the arrest of five Egyptian men in the United States on charges of attempting to travel to Egypt to carry out a terror attack, the ministry said.

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