Biometric news site Biometrics News portal has a Facebook page

Biometric news site Biometrics News portal has a Facebook page

Posted October 04, 2018 15:18:17BiometricsNews, the biometric website for the news and lifestyle business, is starting a Facebook Page.

The page will be updated with news about biometric authentication, security, health and fitness, biometric-based payments, and other topics.

The site’s Facebook page has more than 13,000 fans and has more comments than any other news outlet in the country.

“Biometrials are becoming an increasingly common part of our daily lives,” BiometriationsNews founder and CEO Chris Leibman told the Daily Dot.

“We wanted to create an informative resource that was easy to find, easy to share, and accessible for anyone.”

BiometrizNews was started by Leibmann in March 2018.

It is the third biometric company to get a Facebook group, following a biometric startup called Sibbi and a biometrics startup called Libratus.

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