How Nepali police use Facebook to harass and intimidate a blogger

How Nepali police use Facebook to harass and intimidate a blogger

News portal Nepali news source Financial Times title ‘We don’t want to give up’: A blogger in Nepal’s capital is still waiting for the police to investigate his rape and murder article Nepal’s parliament has adopted a bill that would allow police to detain and interrogate journalists in their homes and offices.

Read moreNews portal Nepalisunews portalFinancial Times articleNews portalFinancialTimes articleNews centreNepali News portalFinancial Post articleNepal police have launched an investigation into the death of a blogger in the capital of Kathmandu, police said on Wednesday.

The death of Nalini Prasad Yadav, a columnist for the popular blog Kalyanika, sparked widespread protests last month.

Yadav was found dead in a car in a Kathmanduan suburb, according to police, who said they have not yet identified a motive.

Police are investigating whether her death is linked to a previous case, where her brother, Anil Yadav was accused of rape and her father was also arrested.

“We don`t want to leave this country,” Yadav’s brother Anil told reporters, saying the family had no money.

He said they had tried to lodge a case of murder and rape but police told them the case was “very weak”.

Yasim Yadav told Reuters news agency his wife was sleeping when she died, adding she was pregnant.

“We have tried to get a DNA test, but there is no one who can do it,” he said.

A statement from Kathmandua police said they were not able to provide a motive for the death, citing “operational security” concerns.

They said they would not comment on the possible involvement of foreign nationals, saying that could cause public outrage.

The bill, which is expected to be signed into law on Wednesday, was passed on the second reading by the Nepali Parliament on Monday.

Police had initially declined to investigate Yadav`s death, saying there was insufficient evidence to proceed.

However, they now plan to reopen the case. 

“If there was any proof to prosecute the accused, we will do so,” police said in a statement.

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