When China blocks foreign journalists from Hong Kong: A lesson in China’s media censorship

When China blocks foreign journalists from Hong Kong: A lesson in China’s media censorship

A reporter in China who is not a citizen of the country has been barred from using his name, his bureau chief and a website he worked for after his name was listed as an “unofficial journalist” on a website for Chinese nationals.

The reporter, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he was initially told by a colleague that he could continue working on the website as a “legitimate journalist.”

However, on Tuesday, he said he received a letter from the office of the local Chinese consulate saying that he had been declared an official “foreign journalist” and had to remove his name and bureau chief from the site.

He said he had not received a response to his email.

The journalist said he contacted the consulate about the situation and received a message from the consulate saying: “This is not an official website.

We have to delete your name and/or bureau head from the website.”

The website, which has since been taken down, lists the name and address of the reporter as a journalist and the bureau chief as an editor and news director.

In a statement emailed to the Globe and Mail, the consulate said that the reporter had no connection to the website and that he is a “foreign national.”

The statement added that the consulate has the right to cancel an official news bureau’s membership, and that any information about the journalist’s work is private and cannot be shared.

“The bureau director of this website is the only official who is listed as a foreign national,” the statement said.

“Foreigners who are journalists are not allowed to work on official government websites.”

A spokesperson for the Beijing bureau of the Hong Kong Press Club told the Globe that the bureau is investigating the situation.

“We will investigate what happened and take appropriate action,” the spokesperson said.

The Hong Kong website that lists the journalist as a news director has since gone offline.

The news director of the website, Zhang Shihui, told the Guardian he was unable to access the site and would not be able to update his information.

“I think there’s been a misunderstanding about what happened,” Zhang said.

He added that he thought the website was a business, and not a news outlet.

Zhang said he believes the website is a news organization, and has been asked to make sure he does not post on it any information that could hurt business.

He confirmed he had already removed his name from the official website, but said that he did not want to take the chance that the website would be taken down again because it had not been deleted.

“It’s just my name, and I don’t want to give my identity to anyone,” he said.

Zhang’s colleagues and clients have said that while the information about him has been taken off the website by the consulate, they are not certain why.

He has not received any notice of any official orders from the authorities.

The Globe and the Guardian have been unable to contact Zhang, but he has said he would be able go to the consulate to file a complaint.

Zhang has also been in contact with Hong Kong’s Chief Information Commissioner and is in touch with a senior officer of the Information and Communication Technology Commission.

“There’s no way to get any clarification from them about what’s happening with this website,” Zhang told the newspaper.

“They’ve been talking about deleting it, but they haven’t yet done that.

It’s completely random.”

The journalist has not been able to get back in touch.

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