Obama to meet with Khmer Rouge leaders: Sources

Obama to meet with Khmer Rouge leaders: Sources

A White House official said the president would meet with leaders of the Khmer rebels on Wednesday to discuss the countrys future after nearly 10 years of peace talks.

The White House said Obama would be joined by National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, National Security Council Director John Brennan and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, among others.

“The president is eager to begin a new chapter in Cambodia’s troubled past,” the official said in a statement.

“He will work with President Riek Machar, Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Kien Phong, and others to continue the transition to a new Cambodian government, one that recognizes the sovereignty of Cambodia’s people and places them firmly on the path to democracy and prosperity.”

The president also will meet with President Khieu Samphan and his Cambodian counterpart, Gen. Chieu Sampha, to discuss what to do next for the country.

The U.N. Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday afternoon, according to the White House, which is due to meet on Wednesday night.

“We are deeply concerned about the recent outbreak of a deadly coronavirus in Cambodia,” Obama said in his statement.

The United States, France and other nations have sent troops to Cambodia to try to contain the pandemic, which has killed more than 3,000 people.

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to send up to 2,000 troops to the country, while Britain has offered aid to help people.

In a letter to U.

Ns ambassador to the U.n., Catherine Ashton, the U.-N.

General Assembly will discuss “ongoing efforts to end the crisis in Cambodia and help build the country’s recovery and prosperity,” the White Senate said in an email.

The administration is also working with the U-N.

on measures to protect Cambodian citizens who have been infected and those who have recovered, the White Post reported.

“Our administration is committed to working with other nations to strengthen the safety and security of their citizens,” the statement said.

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