‘It was the most incredible moment’: Carlos Delgado scores against Argentina in Champions League opener

‘It was the most incredible moment’: Carlos Delgado scores against Argentina in Champions League opener

The first leg of this year’s Champions League tie between Barcelona and Argentina is all but certain to go down in history as one of the greatest matches of all time.

The result, however, was a little more than that.

It wasn’t a thrilling encounter.

It wasn’t even the best-ever.

It was the greatest, with Carlos Delgados scoring his 100th goal in the 1-1 draw.

Delgado had a fantastic goal against Chile and scored his first in the tournament in the second leg, against Espanyol, in May.

The goal was a huge moment, and was a defining moment in Delgado’s career.

He’s the kind of player that when you watch him, it makes you want to score goals as well.

The goals and the goals scored have always been the defining moments in his career, and the match against Espy is certainly no exception.

What is most impressive about the match, though, was the intensity and the excitement.

Delgado has never scored a goal in Europe before, but was in the mood to get one, and it was one of those moments when you could see he was in a mood to score.

This is Delgado, with his first goal of the tournament:Delgado, who has scored at least one goal in each of the last two seasons, scored in the first leg in Barcelona and then scored the second-best goal in Spain history against Espírito Santo in May, scoring in a 5-2 win that sent the Catalan giants into the quarterfinals.

His hat-trick was arguably the greatest goal in modern history, a goal that he had not scored since his Barcelona days.

It was a great day for Spain.

The team was outstanding, they played with great intensity, they got their chances, and Delgado made a real impression.

He was one who scored goals when he was the best.

The goals came in a very different way.

In the first-leg, Barcelona looked dangerous and Barcelona were not in control.

They didn’t have the players to stop Delgado from scoring and they couldn’t cope with the pressure Delgado put on them.

This was a team who knew what to do in those moments and Delgado was part of that.

The second leg was much better, and there was more pressure.

It could have been the difference between a 1-0 win and a 2-1 win.

It went to penalties, but Delgado didn’t get a penalty.

His first was a free-kick and it sailed wide.

The second was a corner that went straight to Delgado.

He picked it up and he scored the equaliser.

The third-leg was a bit of a different story.

Barcelona had a few chances, but they didn’t look like they were going to get the ball, and that was a crucial point for the hosts.

Delgadas hat-tricks in the last three games have been crucial, and he did them again, with a fantastic finish against Espaso that put Barcelona 1-2 up.

The last few minutes of the match had the atmosphere of the Champions League semi-finals.

Del Gados was everywhere, and you could hear the fans’ cries of joy when the final whistle blew.

He scored his hat-twos and his goals were great, and they gave Spain a bit more of hope.

It’s one of Delgadoís best memories and a great feeling to see him play in this Champions League.

It took an incredible goal from Delgads first-half strike, but the game went to penalty shootout.

It went to the penalty spot.

DelGados had to be very patient in the final moments, but he was a real player, he was calm and composed.

He took his chances and he had the ball in the box and he made the right decision.

He’s been a fantastic player for Spain, he has a lot of respect for the coach, and his manager, Josep Guardiola, and a lot respect for his teammates.

It is an incredible feeling to play for a club like Barcelona and to score a hat-trophy, and this was a fantastic feeling for Delgado as well, and I am sure for him.

It is something you never forget.

Del Rio has scored 50 goals for Barcelona, and has played for Barcelona in the past.

He had to wait until his second season to get his 100 goals, and now he is here and it feels great.

Del Ronaldo, who was not in the same league as Delgades goals, has a goal to his name, and in his last game against Espinosa, he scored a hat trick, but in the Champions Cup, Del Rio was the difference.

It’s a great moment in my career, but it was a different one.

Del was a young player who was getting chances, was playing well, had a great time and it felt good.

Now, it’s a different game.

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