How to buy a VPN in Germany

How to buy a VPN in Germany

German authorities have introduced a new service to buy VPNs and access geo-restricted websites.

The new service, which was launched on Wednesday, is called GekkoVPN, which stands for German VPN service.

GekoVPN allows users to purchase a VPN that offers encrypted connections between Germany and other countries.

Users can also set up a virtual private network (VPN) for use in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France and other European countries.

The service offers several features, including the ability to set up multiple VPN servers, which allows users access to the entire network, and the ability for users to manage multiple VPN accounts at once.

The VPN service will be available to German residents from December 19.

The announcement of the service came a day after German regulators announced a crackdown on VPNs after an investigation found users were using them to circumvent copyright restrictions.

The move comes as the government has come under fire for clamping down on VPN services.

Last year, a German court found that Google’s free VPN service, GoDaddy, was abusing its user base to make money.

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