Which News Publishers Need To Do More?

Which News Publishers Need To Do More?

The top news publishers, which include Google News, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Bloomberg LP, Forbes, Inc., CNBC, CNN, USA Today, Yahoo!, CBS, Yahoo News, CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, ABC News, CBS News, ABC Radio, ABC World News and many more, have a combined market value of more than $6.5 trillion. 

As such, the top news publisher companies collectively control more than half the global news market, according to research firm Comscore.

And they have been for some time. 

While Google and Facebook dominate the market for the top-ranking news publishers in the U.S., Facebook also dominates for the world. 

For the first time, Comscore says, the combined market share of the top 10 news publishers has surpassed 20 percent. 

The news publishers collectively control a combined share of approximately 44 percent of all global news consumption, ComScore said. 

In other words, the news publishers control nearly 70 percent of the global audience. 

And they control more of that audience than any other major U.K.-based media company. 

Comscore also said Facebook is the only U.A.E. media company to have a market value greater than $1 trillion.

That’s an impressive feat considering that Facebook is only valued at about $1 billion and that Facebook News and News Feed are valued at less than $10 billion. 

With the top publishers controlling the majority of the worldwide news audience, the companies are not only poised to dominate, but they are also poised to outspend their competitors. 

“It’s a big deal for the news industry,” said Brian P. Buell, a professor of media studies at the University of California, Irvine. 

He noted that in the past decade, Facebook has been the dominant platform for news consumption. 

What’s more, he said, the two companies are increasingly competing on more traditional metrics, such as audience size and click-through rates, as well as the monetization of those metrics. 

Facebook News is a powerful platform for social networking and the news-driven online world.

For example, users can share news stories and comments from news organizations on Facebook News Feed, while the company also allows news publishers to monetize their content through ads. 

But there are also other factors at play that make the news landscape more competitive, said Bueell. 

Among them is the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI), he said.

As a result, many news publishers are also using AI to analyze user behavior and to create personalized content. 

News publishers are using AI because it provides an efficient way to get audiences to stay engaged, said Daniel G. Smith, a vice president of research at Comscore who worked on the study. 

More than one-third of the total global audience is now on Facebook, with an additional 2.5 percent using its Messenger and WhatsApp services, according the study, and 10 percent using Instagram and Snapchat. 

Another important reason is the increasing popularity of the video streaming platform, Twitter, said Smith. 

By leveraging social and video technologies, companies can connect with millions of people at once, he added. 

Buell said the growth of social media platforms has been “very disruptive” to the traditional news publishing model. 

Today, there are more than 60 million social media users in the world, according Comscore, up from less than 40 million in the year 2000. 

A big part of that increase is due to the fact that there is now a wealth of information that users can consume and share. 

However, there has been a “sudden shift” from traditional print publications to social media, said G. Michael Sartori, a senior research analyst at comScore.

“There are a lot more people with a social platform that are watching what’s going on on Facebook,” he said in a recent interview. 

When it comes to the future of the news business, the challenge for news publishers is to ensure that the audience stays engaged, and that people can consume the news and understand the story, Sartoria said.

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