How Spain’s Medellin city police are using data from your Facebook posts to track your whereabouts

How Spain’s Medellin city police are using data from your Facebook posts to track your whereabouts

The Spanish police are not just using your Facebook profile to track you online, but are also using it to track down your whereabouts, according to a new report.

According to the report by Spanish news portal Bizentai, Spanish police have developed a “super-network” for their digital surveillance of suspects and suspects have been given the power to share data with other police agencies.

The Spanish police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications have reportedly been developing the network since at least February.

The network is supposedly meant to help identify criminals who may be hiding in a crime scene or may be in hiding, or who are suspected of violent or illegal behaviour.

It will also allow police to “follow suspects to the point of arrest, which would allow them to apprehend them without being caught”, according to the article.

A spokesperson for the Ministry told Business Insider the network “helps police find criminals, but also allows them to track suspects that are suspected in crimes and suspected of other crimes.”

The police also said it would help them “find missing persons, suspects, and people who may have committed crimes”.

Bizentayi added the network would allow police “to better track down criminals and their whereabouts”.

“The network will allow them [police] to follow suspects to a certain place, where they are detained, arrested, and searched.

It also allows the police to track them to the arrest point, which allows them not to be detected or found,” the spokesperson said.”

The police can then track them and identify them.”

Police are reportedly using the “super network” to track people’s whereabouts, including where they were, what they were doing, what time of day they were on and so on.

The police are also reportedly “using data from” your Facebook accounts to track the whereabouts of suspects, the report said.

The police reportedly use Facebook to gather “personally identifiable information, including IP addresses and phone numbers, so they can track down suspects who may not be in the country.”

The network allegedly allows the Spanish police to identify suspects, including those who have been arrested or who may pose a threat, according the report.

The report said “it is unclear how much the Spanish authorities have paid for the network”, adding that the network has been “developed and approved” by Spain’s Ministry of Interior and Communications.

The “super networks” are supposedly designed to “identify and track” suspects, according Bizetai.

“It is not clear how much it costs for police to operate the network, and how many people it is supposed to help,” the report quoted an unnamed police source as saying.

However, the Spanish news outlet also claimed the police were “using a network of social media” in order to “see who is talking to whom and to know who is following them”.

The network “is also used to identify people who have gone missing in Spain”.

The Spanish government has reportedly previously been criticized for using the same kind of “supernetwork” in other countries.

Earlier this year, a Spanish lawmaker told lawmakers that the Spanish government was “using the internet for political ends” by secretly using it as a surveillance tool, according Business Insider.

In May, the European Commission was criticized for allowing Spanish authorities to use the same “supernet” to monitor the online activity of people suspected of terrorism.

The EU has been accused of “abandoning” its legal obligations under the EU’s Data Protection Directive when it allowed Spanish authorities access to data on the internet as part of a new anti-terror law, which passed on Monday.

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