Canada: Women have a better life than men, report finds

Canada: Women have a better life than men, report finds

A report from the Fraser Institute has found that women in Canada live longer, on average, than their male counterparts, even after adjusting for factors such as age, education, employment and health.

The report, entitled “Are Men and Women More Equal?” found that while the average Canadian lives to age 90, women tend to live longer than men.

It also found that there are many differences between men and women.

The findings, which are based on census data, also show that women who live in remote areas are more likely to be living in poverty than those who live further afield.

The study found that among people living in rural areas, nearly half (45 per cent) are living in households below the poverty line.

“It’s an interesting finding that it’s even greater than what we expected,” said Fraser Institute Senior Policy Analyst Julie Binder.

“It’s really a case of, are women really getting better at life?

Or are men and boys doing better?”

The longer people live, the better their life chances are.

It’s a really important finding for people trying to make the case for gender equity in society,” she added.

The study examined mortality data from the 2008 census and the Canada Health Act.

It then compared data from census 2011 and the 2015 census to measure life expectancy at birth.

Binder said the report also found the gap between men’s and women’s life expectancy is widening.”

In 2009, it was the women who had the longest life expectancy, but now it’s the men who have the longest,” she said.”

The gap is widening because the men are dying at a higher rate, whereas women are dying in older age groups, and the gap is wider because women are living longer.

“Binder says there is also a growing body of research showing that there is a gender pay gap.

The Fraser Institute study found there is not a gender wage gap for those in senior jobs, but the gap remains when looking at men and woman.

In a recent paper published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the Fraser researchers found women earn less than men in all but one of the occupations they surveyed.

The gender pay gaps for different occupations were about 7 per cent, 7 per or 8 per cent.

In its report, the study also found women tend not to earn as much as men for the same job.

The number of people who have received social assistance in Canada increased by 9.9 per cent between 2008 and 2015, but it is a drop from 2011.

The number of Canadians receiving assistance in 2015 was about 26 million.

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