How to avoid being a ‘fake news’ target in Spain

How to avoid being a ‘fake news’ target in Spain

The Spanish government has been scrambling to make up for years with the threat of a massive fake news scandal after the country’s public prosecutor, Miguel Ángel Varela, accused the countrys main newspaper, El País, of being a “spy-target” and accused the newspaper of “sabotaging the government.”

But now, it appears that the country might be on the verge of a national fake news crisis as it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the media in the country are falling victim to an unprecedented onslaught of disinformation campaigns orchestrated by the country of 9 million people, according to Spanish news outlets.

“In the first week of January, we saw a wave of disinformation about the Spanish prime minister and a political scandal.

And now, the news is even more sensational and we see an attack on the press,” a journalist working for the local news agency, ASN, told Al Jazeera.”

The whole country is being targeted by this propaganda campaign,” said the journalist, who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the topic.ASN is a Spanish news agency that specializes in covering the country and is known for its coverage of the government.

It is one of the main sources of information about the country, with the country second only to the US for its number of websites that are monitored by the Spanish government.

The Spanish government is scrambling to counter the onslaught of fake news after the government accused the local newspaper, La Vanguardia, of spreading “spies” and a “false story” about the government’s involvement in a recent corruption scandal.

According to ASN journalist Luis Martín, the newspaper has been targeted in the past several weeks due to its coverage on the case of a prominent politician, who was arrested and charged in connection with a bribery scandal.

“A lot of the people are scared because this is not the first time they’ve seen a politician with a criminal record and it’s a big story.

And they’re scared because a lot of people know about it,” Martín told Al-Jazeera.”

So they’re going to the newspaper because they’re afraid,” he said.

The accusations are just the latest in a string of accusations against the newspaper.

In November, the Spanish state accused the paper of using fake news articles on its front page to spread disinformation and “delegitimize” the government in the run-up to the Spanish presidential election.

The news agency also published a front page story alleging that the government had “taken steps to manipulate the public” in order to “overthrow” the Catalan regional government.

However, in the last two weeks, ASM has also reported that the Spanish newspaper has received “threats of violence and death” and has received a torrent of “hate mail.”

“We’ve been receiving so many death threats that we’re now considering closing down our newsroom,” Martínez said.

In response to the fake news attack, ASNs president, Martíngo López, issued a statement that accused the Spanish media of spreading false news.

“The media in Spain has been subject to a series of attacks and smear campaigns since the start of the year,” Lóñpez said.

“While the media are a critical part of democracy, it is time to change the mindset and approach in which they work.

The media must no longer be used to spread lies, smear or disinformation.

This must be replaced by real reporting and the truth.”

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